Kill COVID-19 with Our Products

Kill COVID-19 with XMicrobe Antimicrobial

This past year has made us all hypersensitive to the definition of clean where clean does not just mean the floor shines and counters sparkle, but clean also means no deadly coronavirus or flu virus is hiding in the corners of your home or office. But where can you find that assurance that clean is also safe? 

NW Microbe Free Solutions has the answer with our XMicrobe Antimicrobial™ that assures fully 99.9% of dangerous viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi, and mold are destroyed and blocked from returning. Our powerful product gives you the confidence that your space is not just clean, but completely disinfected and sanitized and will remain that way for months to come.

It’s simple to use. Once an area is cleaned, XMicrobe can be sprayed or wiped on all surfaces and left to dry. This product creates a 24/7 barrier against harmful bacterias and even blocks the virus that causes COVID-19. Look at XMicrobe as your front line ready to battle harmful germs so you can win every time.  

What’s more, our product is environmentally friendly and Hypergreen. It contains no harmful VOCs or CFCs, meaning it is safe to the touch AND the air remains clean and clear. It’s even safe to use in food prep areas. The technology behind XMicrobe Antimicrobial™ is EPA-registered, water-based, and carries the industry’s highest safety rating. Not only does using our product give you peace of mind that you’re protecting your people, but also that you’re protecting the planet.

We all want the kids back in school, restaurants to open their doors, stores to tempt us with shelves of products, and businesses to keep things humming. Our XMicrobe Antimicrobial™ can help make all of that happen. If time is short and you’d rather rely on experts, our team will conduct a deep disinfecting and sanitizing process to get you up and running. We’ll spray, wipe, atomize, or fog XMicrobe Antimicrobial™ making sure every surface, hard or soft, seen or unseen, is treated. Counters, desks, couches, even electronics, and pens will be safely treated so business can resume as soon as the surfaces are dry.

Give everyone who enters your space peace of mind that a return to real life won’t result in a super spreader event. Don’t let the fear of what’s lurking in the nooks and crannies keep you from getting back to normal. Life is short, let us help you get back to living it worry-free.  

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