Assure Your Space is Clean and Germ-Free

There are many products on the market today that claim to disinfect and protect you from germs. The janitorial closets of schools, hotels, or really any business likely house two, three, maybe even more cleaning products. The past year’s pandemic sparked impulse buying of all kinds of spray cleaners with labels that said “disinfect.” But did you ever stop to consider if the claims are true and that what’s sprayed onto your counters, doorknobs, and light switches truly kills germs? 

You may not have thought about this, but fortunately, we have which is why we are excited to be adding ALLCLIR to our certified clean program. ALLCLIR is a coaster-sized indicator with a patent-pending sensor that changes color when an industry-standard disinfectant has been applied to levels that will kill germs and viruses. 

Disinfected Or Just Clean?

Before ALLCLIR’s indicator there was no way to know for sure that germs were eliminated. The cleaning product labels may say “kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria,” but offer no guidance on how much product or how many layers of product are needed to reach that “kill” level.

Even EPA guidelines do not offer much more advice to consumers. To be effective, EPA says a disinfectant must remain visibly wet on surfaces for anywhere from 15 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the product and conditions such as temperature and humidity. When was the last time your cleaning crew sprayed while using a stopwatch to see how long the area stayed wet? How do they know if the product takes 20 seconds or 5 minutes to dry? If they don’t know and are simply spraying and wiping you cannot be sure all germs are destroyed. 

The ALLCLIR indicator removes the guesswork. Once the correct amount of disinfectant has been sprayed and dried to reach that “kill” percentage, the color on the indicator changes. That color will remain constant for several months once fully dry, announcing to your employees and customers that your space is truly germ-free.  No more wasting products by over-spraying or wasting time using disinfectants, over and over again, when they may not be needed. 

We Stand By Our Products

We scatter the indicators throughout the areas we clean to ensure we reach disinfecting levels and give you visible reassurance we’ve done our job. No more guessing if products really disinfected and your customers are truly safe. With viruses such as COVID-19, knowing your cleaning efforts are effective is not just good practice, but can save lives.

We stand by ALLCLIR because we were there during its development supplying our products for testing. Their nanotechnologists and inorganic chemists sprayed our cleaners and we all waited to see the indicator change color. Now we use their indicator as a regular part of our certified clean program, for hotel rooms, gyms, banks, and anywhere where “clean and disinfected” is a priority. ALLCLIR is the final piece of our certified clean program to announce our program really works.  

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