Assure Your Space is Clean and Germ-Free

April 1, 2021

There are many products on the market today that claim to disinfect and protect you from germs. The janitorial closets of schools, hotels, or really any business likely house two, three, maybe even more cleaning products. The past year’s pandemic sparked impulse buying of all kinds of spray cleaners with labels that said “disinfect.” But […]

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Kill COVID-19 with XMicrobe Antimicrobial

Kill COVID-19 with Our Products

March 1, 2021

This past year has made us all hypersensitive to the definition of clean where clean does not just mean the floor shines and counters sparkle, but clean also means no deadly coronavirus or flu virus is hiding in the corners of your home or office. But where can you find that assurance that clean is […]

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Shot of male person in white chemical protection suit doing disinfection of public areas to stop spreading highly contagious corona virus. Stop coronavirus or COVID-19.

We Help Put Students Back In Classrooms

February 1, 2021

Just about one year after schools shut down due to the pandemic, it appears they may again open their doors. Parents everywhere breathe a collective sigh of relief as the days of online learning, and pent up energy may be coming to a close.  School won’t look exactly as it did, with hybrid learning, pods, […]

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Putting the Public Back on The Road Safely

January 1, 2021

Today’s sophisticated cleaning systems will help you get back on the road. With adherence to CDC guidelines, our 2-step extreme clean certification process means those who rely on buses to get them to work, taxis to deliver them to appointments, or fleet vehicles to help them do their jobs can continue to do so safely. […]

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